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Anna Myagkikh is an artist/photographer originally from Moscow, Russia and currently living in London, United Kingdom. 

I was once told that one has to stay a child as long as one can otherwise life becomes a burdensome chore. Kids do things intuitively and with passion. I want to preserve these childlike qualities in my work. I like to play with lines, material and texture. Colors are important too, the brighter – the better. I don’t like to dwell for too long at the expense of spontaneity and sheer joy of the creative process itself. Contemporary world dictates its rules, and I choose to act fast to adapting to its pace and current. With the increasing prevalence of internet and social media everything is edited and filtered, but the way I go about my art is honest and undiluted. Here, the enjoyment of the process comes through my implementation of crafts, a very physical and tactile process, landing to the overall touch of kitsch and sensual exuberance to my work.


Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts, London, UK - BA (Honours) in Fine Art (2011 - 2014)

Chelsea College of Art and Design, UAL, London, UK - Level 4 Foundation Diploma and Level 3 Certificate in Drawing (2010 - 2011)

Skills & Interests

Russian and French languages, cooking, experience in organizing a group (touristic trips), communicable, good at getting along with people.